Current Projects

What Do We Do?


Eyes Front Ltd is a public benevolent institution formed to relieve poverty, distress and helplessness for those in our community in need of assistance. Our efforts are targeted toward returned service men and women and their families, the homeless, and children and adolescence. We aim to address the following needs and issues faced by and suffered by these groups including but not limited to:

  • mental illness, depression, social anxiety

  • substance misuse and abuse

  • hunger and a lack of basic needs such as food, clothing and blankets

  • the transition to civilian life for ex-service people

  • relationship assistance for the vulnerable who suffer from domestic abuse, unsafe relationships and dysfunctional families

  • antisocial behaviour that leads to incarceration and recidivism

  • illiteracy and financial illiteracy

A Snapshot

  • We provide bedding for those who have gone into transitional housing off the street (they are still classified homeless). Rough sleepers get sleeping bags, blankets, socks, scarves, beanies, t-shirts, jumpers, jackets, jocks, tracksuit pants, and whatever else we can get our hands on. We also take ice blocks down to Woolloomooloo a notorious area for the homeless - especially during summer. We do this as it allows us to talk to them, make them feel visible, and to assess their situation.

  • We organise social impact project partnering with other organisations to get mutual benefits. It is a well known and evidenced fact that helping others improves your mental health. In November 2019, we had a working-bee for social housing homes.

  • We provide training for vulnerable populations and those with lived experience to enable them to do public speaking; and assist them to get speaking gigs that are paid, as a source of income stream for them.

  • We are building a referral app - so veterans, families, support providers etc can find support and services in the moment by postcode.

  • Radio Programs such as 'Veteran Radio' - to highlight all of the support and services available to veterans and their families; and 'Wellness Radio' - helping veterans understand and feel good about their service. Veterans do a public speaking and creative writing course, and interviewed on the radio program.

  • The Wellness Leaders Scholarship Program - recipients are given a scholarship for a year and we ask them to take the things we teach them back into community to spread good will. They are all asked to pick something they are passionate about and do one big project for the year to improve the wellness of vulnerable populations.

We are a new, grassroots charity and are extending into various areas and working to create collaborative partnerships with relevant parties.  Please refer to our 'Partner' pages if you feel you can assist in any way. Only through a combined approach can we truly empower change.