Primary Object

The object of the Company is to be a Public Benevolent Institution to relieve poverty, distress and helplessness for those in our community in need of assistance. In particular the Company shall target their efforts toward returned service men and woman and their families, the homeless, and children and adolescence. However, the Company may extend its services and assistance beyond these 3 groups.


The Company shall seek to address the following needs and issues faced by and suffered by these groups including but not limited to:


(a)  mental illness, depression, social anxiety,

(b)  substance misuse and abuse;

(c)  hunger and a lack of basic needs such as food, clothing and blankets;

(d)  the transition to civilian life for ex-service people;

(e)  relationship assistance for the vulnerable who suffer from domestic abuse, unsafe relationships and dysfunctional families;

(f)  antisocial behaviour that leads to incarceration and recidivism;

(g)  illiteracy and financial illiteracy,


and to do all acts and things as may be deemed reasonably necessary or incidental to the achievement of similar objects.


(Eyes Front Constitution Clause 3.1)​